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6 Week GutRestore

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Want to feel better in just 6 weeks? 

Many people are facing health challenges today or symptoms that they cannot alleviate or explain and don’t know where to turn.  Or some people want to protect their long-term health.

Imbalances in gut bacteria are largely responsibly for many of the health concerns people are dealing with. In fact, doctors and scientist have determined in recent years just how far reaching these concerns can be.

The digestive system or “gut” hosts hundreds of strains of both good and bad bacteria or flora. This is normal, however most people living in North America today have an imbalance of good and bad bacteria.

The bacteria naturally living in the gut effects much more than just our digestive system. It actually affects our brain chemicals and can have far reaching effects when it is out of balance.  This can cause all kinds of problems, from digestive complains including leaky gut syndrome, IBS, colitis, to skin rashes, headaches, brain fog, memory and mood issues, autoimmune disease, weight issues and even mental health concerns including depression and anxiety.

By reworking the bacteria ratio, through dietary changes, we can rebalance the good and bad flora in the body, creating a significant health impact.  While cleaning up the gut, we also nourish the body with quality ingredients.  You will find out how to source the best foods and why there is a difference in the quality of foods (ex. grass-fed, pastured, organic, non-GMO) and why these foods are so important to your long-term health.

You will learn how to prepare foods to gain the most nutrition and value. This is significant.  Many people who believe they are eating healthy don’t know realize that they are missing key ingredients in their diet and are often not preparing foods for optimal nutrition.  In fact, some healthy foods can actually cause health concerns if not prepared properly.  You will learn how to cook everyday foods to enhance and protect your health.

In the world we live in, it is very important to understand toxins and how to avoid them.

Where toxins are found, hidden toxins and detox protocols will be discussed.  Detoxing the body is an important part of health and often overlooked. Detoxing techniques will be discussed along with education about avoiding toxins and how to best accomplish this in today’s world.

Cleaning up the digestive system, while nourishing and detoxing the body, allows for complete rebalancing and better health.

Provided handouts, grocery lists, recipes, detox protocols, best ingredients lists as well as my published articles will help you fast-track to good health.

Are you ready to feel better?  Want to protect your long-term health? 

Join me in this 6-week adventure to better health!

Live Healthier, Feel Better, Be Happier!

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