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Integrative Health Coach

I grew up like most people of my generation, eating sugary cereal for breakfast, drinking Koolaid, eating cookies and snacks from a box. (Although, I was lucky that my mom was a great cook who did cook from scratch using fresh vegetables and made a homemade dinner every night.)

At 19, I started to experience irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), however I didn’t get a diagnosis for years—there wasn’t even a name for IBS in those days! I also developed “seasonal” allergies in my early twenties which were a problem during all seasons and continued to be an issue for years. At that time, I had no idea that my allergies and digestive problems were related.

In those days, I didn’t understand the complex relationship the body has with the foods it consumes. I loved food, I had earned my culinary degree and embarked on a 13-year career in food service management but I didn’t understand the healing power of food.

Eventually, I discovered the world of natural health at 29, when I sought treatment for a neck injury. I was lucky enough to see a chiropractor who was also a naturopath. In addition to treating my neck issues, he also recommended that I started taking supplements for my digestive problems and I began to feel better than I had in years.

As I met other natural health practitioners, several of them commented that the field needed more people with a food background. I continued to see the benefits of natural medicine, it not only treated my chronic digestive disorder, but also reversed my husband’s kidney disease. I realized that I wanted to give other people the knowledge that others had given me. I wanted to help people understand the power they have over their own health.

Becoming a Certified Health Counselor was a natural progression for me. It allowed me to combine knowledge of food, my culinary background and my natural health experience. My career allows me to support, educate and inspire people, which I love!

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Integrative Health Coaching

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We help others. I believe that’s what we are here to do. My calling is to work with individuals and families to reach their health goals and create wellness through nutrition and natural living. Health challenges can very often be managed and reversed through natural health and the correct information. In my family, we have overcome IBS, reversed chronic kidney disease, successfully managed hypoglycemia as well as, a genetic metabolic disorder (MTHFR-which can lead to many other issues). In counseling many others over the years about building a healthy foundation that can last a lifetime, they too have experienced good health and well being.

  • Individual & Family Coaching
  • Spectrum Disorders & ADHD
  • Gut & Psychology Syndrome Diet (GAPS)
  • Corporate & Group Wellness Workshops

Wellness Classes

Monroe Community College


I offer adult education classes at Monroe County Community College and at Southgate Community Education. My curriculum includes course materials for more than 20 natural health classes. I truly enjoy my students and love teaching and interacting with others about the best ways to heal our body and stay healthy.

Classes include:

  • All Disease Starts in the Gut

  • Sugar & Diabetes

  • GMOs and Soy

  • Body care and Healthy Home

  • Food Allergies, ADHD & Autism

  • Homeopathic Remedies

  • Essential Oils

  • Natural Dental Care

  • Protect Yourself from Cancer

  • The Truth About Heart Health

  • and many more

Foods for Optimal Health

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Do you think you are eating healthy? You may be surprised! A session or two can put you on the right path.

Which foods should we be eating? Many people who believe they are eating a healthy diet, are not. There has been so much misinformation given about food in the last 30 years. People are confused about fats, meat, eggs, the benefits of whole grains, to name a few. Did you know whole grains can actually deplete minerals in the body?

Much of the food we eat today is not nourishing our body. In fact, it is damaging our cells!  Purchasing the right food can make a huge difference in your health and the way we prepare those foods can actually increase their nutritive value! Previous generations knew this. Gain the wisdom that our grandparents had which has been lost in our modern world. Food is the “original vitamin”! Learn how to make everyday foods that will make you feel great and protect your health.


Theresa Edmunds, CHC

Certified Health Counselor



August 2013 – Present

Natural Balance Wellness Medical Group - Ann Arbor, MI

Certified Health Counselor

  • Administers nutritional diagnostic test, reviews with patients
  • Consults with patients on dietary and lifestyle recommendations tailored to individuals specific health concerns
  • Educates parents dealing with autism spectrum and ADHD issues


March 2013 – Sept 2016

The News Herald Newspaper - Southgate, MI

Columnist - “Food for Thought”

Researches and writes weekly column on natural health topics.


February 2012 – Present

Monroe County Community College - Monroe, MI

Lifelong Learning Instructor

Developed curriculum and instructs weekly natural health classes focusing on practical implementation of diet and lifestyle changes to maximize health.


June 2010 – Present

Natural Concepts, LLC. - Grosse Ile, MI

Owner/Certified Health Counselor/Certified GAPS Counselor

  • Coaches individuals and families with a range of health issues
  • Works with families with spectrum disorders and ADHD
  • Counsels individuals in the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet (GAPS)
  • Conducts corporate workshops and lectures
  • Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners


June 1990 – October 2003

Career in Food Service Management

Managed operations in several sectors including hotels, restaurants, Corporate Dining and Country Clubs.



Institute for Integrative Nutrition - New York, NY
Graduated March 2010 - Certified Health Counselor

George Brown College - Toronto, Ontario
Graduated June 1990 - Associate Degree in Culinary Management



Certified GAPS Practitioner
Certified June 2013

Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Certified June 2010

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