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Why are we seeing so much chronic illness today?

The world has changed significantly in the last 50 years. Much of it has been positive advances but what is the one area that has not improved?

Our food!

Food has changed more in the last 50 years than in the last 1000! And not for the better!

Confused about what to eat? Think you know what healthy food is? Are you sure?

There is a lot of misinformation about nutrition out there. Big food companies have taken on the role of educating us about what we should eat. Is this a conflict of interest? Absolutely!

Learn the common sense approach to nutrition and healthy eating. The good news is that it is not rocket science to eat well, it is just understanding which foods are truly healthy (you’ll be surprised!) and how to prepare them in delicious ways. Once you eat real food, you won’t ever want to go back to that “other stuff”.

I love food! I love to eat food, especially rich decadent food! That’s why I went to culinary school. I will show you how to prepare the food you love with the right ingredients. Often we are actually depriving ourselves of foods we like that are good for us because of misinformation.

Let me teach you about real food, where to find it and how to prepare it, so that you feel good, improve your health and protect yourself from disease.

Toxins in our Environment/Healthy Home

One of the unique concepts that I bring to my practice is the information I give my clients about avoiding toxins in our environment. Healthy eating is key to overall health but removing harmful substances is also very important. If we learn how to avoid toxins and take steps to detox the body, we can then achieve optimal health and protect ourselves from disease.

Raise Healthy Eaters

Did you know that for the first time in the history of mankind, it is believed that our children will have a shorter life span than we will? And that it is estimated that in 10 years, 40% of school aged children will be insulin dependent? Why is this?

The largest factor influencing these statistics is the food our children are eating. Most food in our children’s diets has been so processed and modified it shouldn’t even be called food.

It can be very confusing to know what “healthy” is today, especially with all of the commercials telling us what foods are “healthy”! Did you know that children see over 10,000 junk food commercials a year? No wondered they drive us crazy wanting to buy junk food at the grocery store!

When you stop and realize that food is our source of nutrients and as well as the only fuel for the body, we realize that real food is very important for growing children.

These facts add up to one conclusion. We need to change the way we are feeding our kids. It can seem overwhelming to make changes to your family’s diet and even boring to eat healthy. Nothing could be further from the truth! Real food can be delicious and fun, let me show you how!

ADHD/Autism/Behavior Problems/Food Allergies/Skin Issues

Did you know symptoms of these conditions can be related to certain foods? And that an imbalance in gut bacteria is almost always a factor with these concerns?

Children today are like the “canary in the coal mine”. Their health and often their behavior is telling us something is serious wrong. Children should be healthy and strong but we continue to see allergies, asthma, autism on the rise, not to mention behavior and learning problems.

By altering the diet these issues can be managed much more effectively, even alleviating many symptoms all together. Genetic factors can also play a role, affecting our ability to tolerate certain foods, even healthy ones. By understanding the influences that cause these conditions we can make great strides.

Many therapies and treatments exist that can go hand-in-hand with dietary modifications to make these children’s lives so much better. Children with ADHD or other behavioral challenges can be hard to raise but with the specific parenting techniques and tips everyone will be happier. Let me point you in the right direction. Learn how to help your child feel better.

Pregnancy and Conception Nutrition

Did you know that ancient cultures always fed expecting women and young children the most nutritious food?

In fact, indigenous people around the world today still adhere to this practice. This is something the Western world has forgotten. The truth is that nutrition does matter and can influence the health of our babies. A prenatal vitamin is not enough. Learn which foods to eat and how to avoid toxins during this important time.

Did you know that diet and toxins can influence fertility?

We are experience an epidemic of infertility today. Often making dietary and lifestyle changes can help couples conceive. Learn the steps you can take to increase fertility, while improving your health.

Did you know that babies take on their mother’s balance of gut flora, good and bad, during the birth process? And that gut bacteria has far reaching effects for babies, including allergies, behavior, learning ability and immune system, among others?
We can actually rebalance the good and bad gut bacteria during pregnancy or before conception to provide better health for mom and baby. Learn how to rebalance your gut before birth to positively influence the health of your baby.

Baby’s First Foods

All parents want their children to be healthy. Unfortunately, many parents are confused and misled about what healthy food for babies really is. Introducing and emphasizing nutrient dense food from the beginning can make a very significant impact on the health of your child. These foods set children up with stronger immune systems. We see less allergies, behavioral problems, digestive problems in children fed this way. Why not make the best food choices for your baby and get their health off to the best start?

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