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Working in the corporate world for 13 years, in a very stressful industry, I learned how important it was to take care of my health. When I began to prioritize my health, I realized that feeling well made all the difference in my motivation and energy.

The more your employees take care of their health, the better they feel.
The better employees feel physically, the happier they are.
Emotional wellbeing is integral to creativity and productivity.

Let me teach your employees the keys to a healthy lifestyle.

They will learn:
What real food is and where to find it.
What foods they should be eating and what foods to avoid.
Food Myths – the misinformation that leads to confusion.
How to maintain energy levels throughout the day.
Toxins they are most likely exposing themselves to and how to detox.
Movement and exercise, using it to our greatest advantage.

The state of health in America is in crisis. American health is at an all-time low, while health care costs are the highest they have ever been.

In this time of chronic disease it is critical that individuals are given the knowledge to maintain and even regain their health.

Many of your employees need help. With today’s fast past environment, corporate professionals need health and wellness more than ever before but many, don’t even know where to start.

Individuals can successfully improve their health when they have the guidance and support they need to make lasting changes.

Harvard Business Review reports that every dollar invested in employee wellness can yield six dollars in health care savings.

My corporate wellness workshops educate employees about diet and lifestyle modifications that improve health, nurture the body, enhance sleep and reduce stress. The opportunity to learn in a supportive environment allows employees to make changes and have accountability while creating long-term success.

Don’t wait, get your employees and your business on a healthier path. Contact me today to bring wellness and vitality to your workplace. Customized packages also available.

What Our Attendees
Have To Say

  • “I thoroughly loved this workshop. I love Theresa’s knowledge and all of her sharing and recommendations! I have already used the information I have gained and can't wait to learn more from Theresa.”
  • “Very well organized class, very interesting and information was easily applied to my personal life.”
  • “I felt I learned information that can make a difference in health. A lot of great information, presented well. Always feel workshop time is too short would love to be with Theresa for hours.”
  • “Look forward to Theresa teaching more classes. They are above and beyond enlightening, educational and enjoyable. There is so much more to learn and she has the skills to make this happen.”
  • “Valuable information, excellent workshop! Theresa is very knowledgeable and encourages personal research and exploration on the health areas she teaches. I always learn something new!”

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