Integrative Health Coach • Classically Trained Chef • Certified GAPS Counselor

What Clients Are Saying

“Theresa is dedicated to helping others achieve their health goals. She is caring, knowledgeable, and professional. Theresa has a unique ability to thoroughly assess each person’s individual needs and works closely with them to adopt a plan that is tailored for their situation. I am grateful for the guidance Theresa provided me and recommend her expertise.”
     Lori R.


“I want to thank you again for being my health counselor. I learned so much. I don’t feel so overwhelmed anymore. I go to Whole Foods once a month to stock up. You’ve made a big impact in my life.”

     Cassandra L.


“For the past 20 years I have struggled with constipation. I am a very healthy woman who has always been very conscientious of my health and weight. I weight train, do yoga and cook healthy foods for myself and my family. For years I followed the recommendations of my physicians whose advice included the increase of fiber in my diet. I had met Theresa a few months earlier and decided to call her after an exceptionally difficult week. On our first visit Theresa described my constipation as being a form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and recommended that I remove fiber, sugar and all processed foods from my diet explaining that these were actually the culprits causing my discomfort. She also gave me a book called “The Gut and Psychology Diet” and recommended that I read it. Within the first week of following Theresa’s recommendation I experienced immediate relief and continue to do so 6 months later! I have gained a greater understanding of my condition and continue to find healthy and nutritious alternatives to my old conventional diet! Theresa was a wonderful coach and provided inspiration when I needed it most. I highly recommend a health consultation with Theresa and the 6 month program is worth every penny! In the long run, the cost of the program is far less than the cost of long term health related issues and medications. Theresa has been a life saver!”

     Karen M.


“I had a number of health issues and wanted to take control of my health and improve it, holistically, as much as possible. Over the past few years I had collected information and ideas in bits and pieces from a number of sources. A lot of it sounded good, but I did not know how to put it all together and what would be best for me. Then I found Theresa; she is the person to go to! She is kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable; we worked together to develop the plan and life style changes that have addressed my specific issues and concerns. I followed her advice and realized that by being diligent, my symptoms are now greatly diminished and under control. I feel better and have more energy than I have had in a long time. She can do the same for you! “

     Sue R.


“Food has always been a wonderful component of my life yet I could never make the connection that my food choices were contributing to my anxiety, mood swings and weight gains from bloating. These symptoms were my normal. Theresa made an offer for a free consultation, I took her up on the consultation. She arrived armed with tools and agreements that let you know she meant what she said about providing you with the tools to help yourself heal. The knowledge that Theresa gave me helped me start reading labels, I thought I had known a lot about good foods and ingredients. Little did I know that one of my food triggers was hidden in specific brand of mayonnaise. Who would think that something as innocuous as a mayonnaise could cause issues? Thanks to Theresa teaching me how to decipher labels and guiding me thru the emotional aspects of grieving for the foods that were killing me. I’m in a way better condition. I sleep thru the night and anxiety is almost non-existent. If Theresa offers to meet with you take the outreached hand to change your norm.”

     Marcy T.

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