5 Tips You Need to Stay Healthy!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…An old saying but is just as true today.

So how do to ensure that you stay healthy, especially this time of year?


Wash Hands – I do not advocate using hand sanitizer constantly but it is easy to pick up germs when we are out and about. Hand sanitizer is not as effective as washing your hands, so wash when you come home, before eating, try not to touch eyes, nose and ears before washing your hands and encourage your kids to wash their hands when they come home from the germ-factory (otherwise known as school!).

Vitamin D – optimizing vitamin D is essential to immune health. Living in the Great Lakes area, leaves us vulnerable in the winter. The cloud cover (caused by the lakes) means that we don’t get much sunshine and the cold temps mean that we aren’t out in the sunshine much, thereby leading to low vitamin D levels in most people. Use Vitamin D3, not Vitamin D2 as it is synthetic and our bodies don’t know what to do with it. Be aware the Vitamin D that is in milk is D2! Supplement with D3 and have your levels checked occasionally, Vitamin D can build up in the body over time.

Avoid sugar and white foods – while these foods seem to be most people’s favorite, they definitely leave the immune system more vulnerable. Watch how much bread, pasta, rice and dairy you are eating, especially if those around you are sick or if you are feeling run down or stressed. Believe it or not, eliminating these foods when the immune system is stressed can keep you from getting ill.

Fermented Foods – Try eating or drinking some fermented foods each day. Some people swear by this! Try kombucha (fermented iced tea), properly made sauerkraut or pickles or kvass (a drink made from beets).

Sleep – even just a couple of nights of poor quality or not enough sleep can wear the body out and leave your immune system susceptible. This is another good time to watch what you eat! Don’t discount the power of sleep to resist illness and disease. The body repairs and rejuvenates while we sleep. If you do get sick, sleep is one of the best ways to get you back to health.

Many of these health tips aren’t just for colds and flu, most of them can actually protect us from chronic disease like high blood pressure, diabetes and even cancer!


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