What every woman should know about Women’s health, skincare & cosmetics!

When we think of women’s health concerns, some specific items immediately come to mind. Breast cancer, hormonal issues, thyroid problems to name a few. These health concerns are on the rise and we have to wonder, what are these issues stemming from?

Breast cancer has been at the forefront of women’s health for many years. There are several potential risk factors for breast cancer but most women are unaware that something they are doing to try to protect themselves could actually do more harm than good. There is quite a bit of controversy over the safety of mammograms.

Mammograms produce ionizing radiation, which can be potentially harmful. Many studies cite the fact the rates of breast cancer have increased with the use of mammograms. There is also a concern over the compression that mammograms use, if there are cancer cells present, the compression could potentially cause them to spread.

Early detection is still very important, as well as monitoring changes in breast tissue. There is a little known, outside of the natural health world, alternative. Thermography uses infrared photography to detect abnormal patterns in the temperature of the body. This technology can actually detect a potential issue in the breast tissue when it is too small for a mammogram to detect it.

One of the factors implicated in breast cancer is an imbalance in hormones. Did you know that chemicals in our body care products can actually cause these imbalances ? Women are particularly susceptible to exposure to these chemicals because of the amount of personal care products and cosmetics we use. Many of us aren’t ready to give up these products but the good news is that better alternatives exist.

Women are also at higher risk from our environment. Even in 2019, women still use more cleaning products in the home than men and conventional cleaners are highly toxic. They have been linked to respiratory illness, endocrine issues as well as certain types of cancers.

The good news is that women usually have greater responsibility for the buying decisions for household items and groceries. We can avoid the endocrine disrupting chemicals and external hormones which can adversely affect our health and the health of our growing children, when we know what to avoid. Being informed about the healthiest products and “cleanest” food will allow you to make the best choices for your health and the health of your family.

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