Integrative Health Coach • Classically Trained Chef • Certified GAPS Counselor

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Have you tried to make changes in the past? Have you struggled to make permanent changes? Are you confused about what is really healthy? Want to feel better but don’t know where to start?

Working with a health coach sets you up for success. Starting with a clear plan, having the support to reach your goals and having the accountability to stay on track. Learn and implement the foundations for health.

Have a health concern?

Let’s talk about it and find the right solutions for you.

Need support in making lasting changes in your life?
Having a guide to natural health and a cheerleader who believes in you can make all the difference. Working with a professional will allow you to hold yourself accountable and give you the support you need while you make health your new habit.

Looking for an integrative doctor?
I am happy to refer you a doctor who can help you. I often make recommendations to clients for practitioners who can enhance their health.

Want to learn to cook real food?
With my culinary training and my understanding of whole foods I am able to help all levels of cooks to learn to prepare great tasting meals. I will teach you about the right ingredients and preparation techniques to get the most nutrition from your food. Easy preparation tips and delicious recipes. Individual and group lessons available - in person or by Skype.


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